Feathers on Friday

A Robin seems to have adopted me. I started throwing bread out for the birds last week, the Sparrows and Grackles and Starlings all taking part in the buffet. One Robin joined in the feast too. The next morning when I opened the front door, he was standing at the bottom of the steps, looking at the front door. I have been feeding birds for many years but have never had the experience of a bird actually waiting for me so close. The next day as my husband and I were eating breakfast, I heard the calls of a bird, looked out our large garden window to find him in the tree outside the window, looking in at us. Rather startling I will say. My backyard may be empty when I open the door in the early morning, but immediately she appears, swooping in, cocking her head at me. It makes me laugh every time. She never comes too close, but certainly closer than any other birds that are eating.

Waiting on the railing of the front porch-no zoom lens necessaryDSCN6617






Feathers on Friday

25 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Aww, this is such a bright and cheery post. Lisa, I know this may not be true but just wondering if someone you used to know may have passed on, may be sending you comfort?
    I have a cardinal “angel” sent on the day my grandfather passed away in 1980. One who shows up on every moving day, singing his song loudly and clearly, appears on walks flying in front of me from tree to tree almost “guarding me.”
    This includes one stormy moving day, when no birds were out, in the form of a red, small fuzzy feather in my Lennox dishes. As I unpacked, I was teary-eyed, telling my sister in law, who is a professor and studies cultures, like Native Americans. The feather fluttered out as I took one of my good dinner plates out. She witnessed this, as have many who see “him” in trees, reassuring me.
    When I wrote and submitted this story to a contest of how Angels are in our lives, I received a letter from Guidepost magazine. They said feathered creatures may carry messages from beyond, as they have also included stories of the many forms loved ones send us messages in their magazine. The story is available, if anyone wishes to push “cardinal” on my tags list (on my Full blog site.) ❀


  2. SO COOL!!!!

    I’ve been feeding my Crows for many years and they come each morning when I call (caw?) They are difficult to photograph because I have to do it from inside the house and my windows are always dirty! Wash them you say?? I live in Washington state so that is often an exercise in futility….at least, that’s my excuse.

    Beautiful photos as always. You have quite a talent!


    • Crows are so misunderstood I feel- they are such intelligent creatures. I love they come when you caw. I have the same problem with the photos and the windows too!!! πŸ˜€


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