Summer Rituals

I work as an assistant teacher, which means I am off from work for two months during the summer. The first year I was working I found this so odd. I had always worked in jobs where I was entitled to a vacation, but usually 2 weeks. When I worked in  New York City’s jewelry industry, 47th Street completely shut down the first two weeks of July. For 14 years my vacations were taken those 2 weeks. The other jobs I held were more flexible, and some years I took off a week here or there over the course of the year. Now having a full two months off is so different for me. It was strange that first year, to be working and then not working, but know you still had a job to go back to in a few months. The first year I thought I might be bored and actually looked for something to do to fill the time. I volunteered a little, but also realized I had plenty to catch up on that hadn’t been taken care of during the months I was working. There is always some project in the house to do, something to clean out, I am sure you know what I mean. Boredom never entered the picture. This year as school was drawing to a close, people were asking one another, “What are doing this summer, are you working?” My response was “yes, working at meeting friends for coffee!” That and my favorite hobby which working full time has really cut into- shopping. I have spent much time texting photos to my husband from stores, asking if I should buy this new beach umbrella to replace the one that blew inside out and broke on our first trip to the shoreumbrella

and did he want a new chair as the arm on his beach chair was crackedchair

Then of course the texts to my BFF while trying on clothes in the dressing room asking for  her opinion before making a decisiondressingroom

I am still up at 5:30 am most days, but I am enjoying not having to be on a strict schedule and out of the house at a specific time. Lingering over coffee, feeding the birds, taking an early morning walk, shopping, my summer rituals.5

26 thoughts on “Summer Rituals

  1. Wonderful summary of summer vacation for those in the school personnel, teachers and staff, Lisa. I think your choices would mostly “echo” mine, shopping and coffee with friends, relaxing and unwinding (for me playing with grandies). I like how you take great and amazing photographs, Lisa.
    PS. Yes to the dress! ❤


    • Glad you liked it and are in agreement! I saw a fellow teacher the other day and she said before we know it we’ll be back in school- I so disagreed- I am savoring every day and not even thinking about it!!

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  2. Lisa, I think we are living a similar life. Waking up early, blogging, shopping, the new school semester a distance away…idyllic life for now! Enjoy your time. I made myself busy with my e-book and after next week, I need to attend to the syllabi and curricula for three classes for Fall! Where DOES the day go??


  3. that’s the perfect kind of work!!! to meet friends for coffee is a super summer plan. And to shop your way through summer sales…. that’s the best! my “prey” from summersale came yesterday, wonder what I will do now for the rest of the summer LOL :o)


  4. Great photo of the bird, and LOL on the shopping. But that’s a great idea to send a selfie to a BFF from the dressing room! Cute dress by the way. Enjoy your free time.


  5. I was going to say how lucky you are to have two months off. But wait a minute–I was just off work for six months! 😀 That doesn’t count as vacation, though. LOL!!
    Lisa–you crack me up. You are such a shopper–taking pictures from the dressing room. Too funny.


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