A Photo A Week Challenge: Hands

My left hand holding my phone, snapped by accident with the camera I was holding in my right hand

I have small hands. They are small but strong- they are good at baking and rolling out dough, they know how to embroider, crochet and knit. They strum and pluck the strings on the guitar, they play the piano, they are always there to give a pat or to hold. I use them to create letters and words in Sign Language, when they become tools of speech.

I love you in American Sign Language

As I have aged they have become more and more riddled with what my grandmother called “liver spots” from all those years of taking the sun. They have always been wrinkled, it bothered me when I was in my 20’s, but now I have grown into them. The veins stand out prominently and I was told once that they looked like “working hands” which I took as a compliment though that is not how it was intended.

My palms have an inordinate amount of wrinkles- far more than any of my friends.palmWhen I was in my twenties I had my palm read. When the Palm Reader turned my hand over she did not utter a word. I asked her what it meant that my palm was so lined. She looked up at me and replied, “It is because you have lived many lives my dear.” She then went on to tell me what my palm told her about who I was, and was spot on about many things, without having asked me any questions about myself beforehand. Years later I read that the cause of an overly wrinkled palm could come from clenching the fists very tightly while in the womb- but I prefer to stick with what the Palm Reader told me those many years ago.

 A Photo A Week

17 thoughts on “A Photo A Week Challenge: Hands

  1. Wow, I loved this hands thing! I love sign language. Early in my private practice as a therapist, I got a lot of referrals from the deaf community and had to take a quick ASL class. My specialty then was Sex Therapy so I had to learn some interesting signs really fast! At the time, I also had a lovely adopted granddaughter, fluent herself, who introduced me to her hearing impaired boyfriend. I proudly told him (in ASL) that I was “happy to meet him”, but had confused my new knowledge and told him instead that I was “happy to f__k him”!! Poor kid. He blushed like a beet and my sweet Heather laughed at me so hard, she nearly peed!
    true story…

    Love your hands. Maybe we knew each other once before, eh?


    • Your story is too funny!! I wrote a blog about signing incorrectly to someone I had just met- instead of see you soon, the sign for soon and gay are similar, and I signed see you gay- everyone had a good laugh. Perhaps we crossed paths in some other life my friend 🙂


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