Stonecrop Gardens

Yesterday we visited Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, New York. Both the views and the gardens were breathtaking. It was a perfect way to spend the day.


We walked through the gardens which were designed so beautifullyDSCN6675


Meeting some friends as we walked alongDSCN6686



On the drive home we were passing Boscobel,Β an estate overlooking the Hudson River built in the early 19th century by States Dyckman. It is considered an outstanding example of the Federal style of American architecture, augmented by Dyckman’s extensive collection of period decorations and furniture. The views overlooking the Hudson River are breathtaking. The blue building in the distance on the right is West Point Academy- shrouded in blue as it is getting new insulation before the brickwork is being redone.viewofhudsonwestpoint

BoscobelBoscobelA perfect ending to a beautiful day20160703_150236

16 thoughts on “Stonecrop Gardens

  1. Beautiful photo of you and your husband, Lisa. I liked the gardens, so old fashioned and full of life! The pink flowers with the black neither blue (swallowtail?) Butterfly was stunning.


    • Thanks so much- I was excited that butterfly sat long enough to catch a photo! The gardens were really beautiful, and so well thought out the way they were landscaped


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