Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walks: Indoor or Outdoor

This week Cee says: This week’s topic is Walks – Indoor or Outdoor. For outdoors you have have paths or trails and consist of dirt, cement, gravel as long as the outdoor walk is a designated for walking only.

I’ve chosen to go with outdoor walks, from my recent visit to the New Jersey shore.

This is Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove. The pathway leads to the Great Auditorium.

Pathways to Tent City. From May to September of each year, 114 tents are erected around the Great Auditorium.These tents form “Tent City,” a tradition of the Camp Meeting Association of Ocean Grove that dates back to 1869. Each tent is connected to a shed containing a kitchen and bathroom; the sheds are also used to store the tents during the winter.DSCN6333


and of course the Boardwalk. The early morning tracks of bicycle riders in evidence


12 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walks: Indoor or Outdoor

  1. Such a great peek into the scene of the tent city which I had heard of, but never seen! Thank you for one of the best and informative posts in a long while, Lisa! I really liked this! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.
    I am up at Mom’s early am, going to catch up with you, too bad not in real life! xo


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