Feathers on Friday

A family of Blue Jays has been visiting my yard, alerting me of their presence with the insistent squawking of the young ones. The mother flew off leaving this one on her own to find the bread I had left out.1Well I am going to squawk and flap my wings until she comes back2Is she there?3Or there? This is really making my hair stand on end4Ok I did it myself!5

Feathers on Friday

12 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Blue jays are beautiful. They don’t play well with others, and we have cardinals … who don’t even play well with each other … so we don’t see blue jays. Our territory is taken. You pictures are a welcome refreshment 🙂 And they are so GOOD. I totally love seeing how great your work is these days.


    • Thanks so much Marilyn! It means a lot to me to get a compliment from you😊I am always surprised when a cardinal & blue Jay are occupying close space in my backyard. It does usually end with a take over by the Jay!


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