Daily Prompt: Pleasure

One of the daughters of very close friends of ours got married this week. There are four girls in the family and the bride is the youngest. We have known all of them from the time they were very young, so we really felt part of the celebration. The four sisters have amazing voices, inherited from their mother, and musical talent from their father who is a jazz musician. Here they are in a short clip before the wedding, along with their mother, singing to the bride.

What a pleasure to share in the joy of a couple uniting



While the band took a break the girls took over singing hits from the 60’s with everyone dancing and singing along20160630_230619

Of course my husband couldn’t resist taking the microphone and standing in like he was leading the band. 20160630_224500and a hug from the bride- what a pleasure20160630_223629

Daily Prompt: Pleasure

26 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pleasure

  1. This was such a special celebration, Lisa! I love the orange bridesmaids dresses which seemed “retro” and very stylish! Even the bride’s lovely dress could have been a sixties replica, Lisa.
    Your husband standing as the orchestra leader and your beautiful self were pleasures to “observe from afar.” ❤


  2. How proud the parents must be of their daughters! And they harmonize so beautifully. Lisa, your husband totally cracks me up. He looks like he was made to lead the band. 😀


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