Yesterday my husband spent the day with his grand daughter who is 11, and grandson, Sam, who is 9. They went to a “paint it yourself” pottery place. On the way there he was using the GPS, but did not always follow the route it was taking him. That familiar sound of the GPS voice came on saying “RECALCULATING” every time he had chosen his own way to go, rather than following her directions. The kids laughed, telling him he should listen to her, thinking it was funny he had chosen his own way and she knew it.  He asked them if they knew what the word recalculating meant. They said they thought it meant to go another way, and he said that was the idea. It meant to figure out a new “plan” to take the original idea and go over it again to find another way.

They arrived at the painting place and chose the pottery pieces they would paint, Sam choosing an intricate design. Getting down to painting they chatted as they went along, until Sam was finding it difficult to keep the colors from running into each other and being somewhat of a perfectionist was getting visibly upset. His sister commented that he was “getting frustrated” which sent him over the edge. He was embarrassed and felt bad. My husband told him it was time to recalculate. That in life, sometimes we just have to recalculate when things don’t go exactly as we planned, and take another route. Here he could paint a little blue over the red and add some white and his design would still look great even though that was not the original plan. Take a deep breath and recalculate. Sam got it, and continued painting, happy with the end result of his work. I thought it to be a great life lesson, as surely this will not be the last time the need may arise to recalculate, he hopefully will remember those words if things aren’t going as planned and take another route.June28

17 thoughts on “Recalculating

  1. What a wonderful and timely life lesson to be learned. I may have to steal part of this to pass on to my boyfriends sons. They have been having some little difficulties lately, and trying to show them that not all life’s obstacles are the end of the world, and we can recover. Or in this case, recalculate and begin again, is a lesson we can all take to heart. ❤


  2. I love how your husband was able to work ‘recalculate’ into a little life lesson and have Sam actually smile about it. I think their projects turned out great!


    • Glad you liked it Bridget-I think the words will stay with him and ease his frustration the next time. It is hard because he is a real perfectionist and very “exact”- which can be a blessing and a curse 🙂


  3. that’s a super life lesson… and we all should have a plan b so we can recalculate when we are wrong :o) I love the two artpieces they made and I hope they will keep them… maybe once they will be in a photo of a blog and they will share this story with their readers :o)


    • I thought it was a great thing my husband told him, and I do hope he remembers next time a challenge arises. I think they will keep the art pieces and think of the special day they shared. 🙂


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