One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

This photo is my  favorite of my beloved cats Yofie, the gray and white and Shotzie the tiger. These are very old photos, taken in the 1980’s hence the grainy condition. They are both long gone, but still in my heart.yofieshotzieYofie looks ferocious, but in reality I caught this while she was in mid yawnShotzie never let a shade get in his way of laying in his favorite spot on the windowsillshotziewindowBookends on the bed

Yofie & Shotzie


20 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

  1. That’s encouraging. My cat Zorro,The Grey Blade is 15 and he is the animal “Love of my Life”!! I hope he hangs out that long or longer. He looks a little like your Yofie (Yogic?) and is the first cat I’ve ever had an up close and personal relationship with. For some reason, I am NOT allergic to him but have been to all others??? Can’t tell if you looked at my post on Partners. How does one check that out…I mean besides asking like this… which sounds like shameless plug or something?


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