15 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. I like how you captured several angles of this fine feathered friend, Lisa. The feathers with markings of white spots including background colors including purple, gray, brown and black show so much I didn’t know was on a starling’s feathers!
    Last comment, I like the way the bird’s claws grip the chain link fence. ❤


  2. They were introduced to Israel at some point during the British occupation. There are HUGE flocks of them that nest in and around Jerusalem. I haven’t seen them around here, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t here … just that I haven’t seen them.


  3. I only seem to get the occasional Starling on my deck during migration time. The very first time I saw one I thought it was an iridescent baby crow. Great pictures. I DO love your birds!! (And your talent and camera. also!)


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