Feathers on Friday

This is a KilldeerDSCN5943

While standing near a river watching a flock of geese, a small bird came into the range of my viewfinder. I had never seen this bird before and was totally excited about a new “spotting.” He was a fast mover and stood still for barely a second, not allowing me to get photos as sharp as I would have liked. According to Cornell Lab of Ornithology “Killdeer spend their time walking along the ground or running ahead a few steps, stopping to look around, and running on again. They are a shorebird you can see without going to the beach, graceful plovers common to lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and parking lots. This species is one of the least water-associated of all shorebirds.”DSCN5911


and I’m off again…..DSCN5946

Feathers on Friday

21 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Killdeer are so fun to watch. They fake being injured to draw you away from their nest or young. I love to hear them! Thanks for sharing your sighting of them with us! ~Sheila


  2. There are tons of killdeer near my parents house in Ohio – grew up with them. They are a type of plover, but unlike other plovers they are not exclusively on the beach – Iyhey are all over the midwest, even far from the Great Lakes. These days I see more of the other types of plovers on Cape Cod. In the spring I search out the endangered Piping Plover.


  3. we must laugh as we saw the cute bird. many moons ago I bought riding boots and I always looked like a cow standing in a milking bucket with my thin legs . the store guy did his best but was on his limit… I nagged around if he has not only one pair of “normal” boots and he said: sure, but they are made for humans not for killdeers :o)


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