Feathers on Friday

I was walking in a residential area a few weeks ago when a large bird flew by and landed in a tree. I zoomed in to find a bird and a nest, and then another bird flying in. It turned out to be a Yellow-crowned Night Heron. They are a fairly small heron compared to others in the heron family. The yellow-crowned night-heron grows long white feathers from the crown of the head during the breeding season, which you can see in these photos. Unlike the Black-crowned Night-Heron, the Yellow-crowned does not mind living near humans and can be found in wooded neighborhoods, nesting on rooftops and driveways. Such cohabitation may not go smoothly and can create conflicts with humans. There were many nests in the tree above me, and I was excited to have spotted this bird I had never seen before.DSCN5506




so long!DSCN5505

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