Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word

This week Paula is starting something new : She’s giving us five unrelated words that are neither synonyms nor antonyms and asking us to pick one and depict it in photo(s).

Turbidity, Restlessness, Transience, Prolific, Decrepit

Turbidity is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatter light making the water appear cloudy or murky. Particulate matter can include sediment – especially clay and silt, fine organic and inorganic matter, soluble colored organic compounds, algae, and other microscopic organisms. Turbid water can also be caused by heavy rains stirring up sediment.

The pond I frequent appears very murky after a heavy rain, and sometimes even when it hasn’t rained.


There are two fish lurking right below the surface of this turbid water in the pond- can you see them?174


18 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word

  1. It is funny but I think I know what turgid means but until now, never could have guessed what “turbid” meant! I like the water photos and can see fish in the water, Lisa. 🙂


  2. Yes, I can see three. How many do you see? 🙂 Water is interesting to photograph even when it is turbid. Great take on this challenge, DM. Thank you so much.


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