99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Today the 5th grade had a day of fun in a local park. It was a scorcher of a day, bright sun, 88 degrees, you could smell the suntan lotion for miles. Bottled water was in abundance. There was a soccer game, relay races and assorted other fun things to take part in. I was fortunate to have the job of sitting on a bench in the shade with 2 girls who could not take part in the games due to previous injuries. The park was not far from school, but we needed to take a school bus there. I have not been on a school bus since I was 9 years old and our class went on a trip to a museum. The girls piled onto the bus, and you would think taking a seat would be easy. Not so easy, as this one gets nauseous and can’t sit in the back, that one doesn’t want to sit next to her- there is a lot of drama going on in 5th grade. Finally everyone was seated with one exception- me. No seats left. The other 2 teachers did offer me their seats, but I declined, falling back into my old commuter routine when I took the bus into NY for 30 years. I stood in the aisle, planted my feet firmly in place and leaned my back against the seat behind me. The bus took off, all the windows down and the breeze rushing in, a welcome relief from the heat. Then the singing began. 99 bottles of beer on the wall. I laughed out loud, wondering how this song had survived the generations, how it was possible that I had sung it close to 50 years ago, and now here in the year 2016, a school bus holding students was singing it once more. Some things never grow old I guess. One difference was the selfie the girls insisted I take on the ride- bringing me back into the present. 1


19 thoughts on “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

  1. I’m glad that some things survived over all the years… the song, the singing in a bus and even the battle for the best place… although the 99 bottles nearly killed me once. we had 99 mini bottles of plum brandy and after every verse we had to drink one :o)


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