“Oh it’s just a phase she’s going through” was the constant refrain I heard all through my teens. The usual teenage angst brought out the worst in me, moody, sulky, trying to find myself. Thankfully it was just a phase, and life moved on. The phases changed as I grew, I learned to play guitar and spent alot of time singing until I found other things to use my time for. I took up embroidery, then moved on to needlepoint and then to quilting. I later phased into knitting, and crochet, the drawers filled with scarves. I took a Sign Language course and spent every morning and evening practicing until I didn’t anymore, that phase replaced with blogging, my time spent at the computer used for writing words rather than using my hands to say them.ย I beganย taking photographs which has now led me to the phase where I view the world around me through the lens of a camera and how to set up a shot. I do feel blogging and photography are not just a passing phase, but something that have really become a part of my my life, of me.

The moon has eight phases, they wax and wane and then are new again, just as life can be.

DSCN4887Daily Prompt-Phase

20 thoughts on “Phase

  1. Your followers benefit from your photography and blogging phase, Lisa. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a longer-than-usual phase.


  2. I’m glad blogging and to snap a photo of beautiful things isn’t just a phase :o) it’s probably much more for the most of us :o) phases can be good to help you to grow up, I agree… even the weird phases where we mis-color our hair or to try to copy boy george :o)


  3. Some things are phases. Other things are lifelong passions. I was a nightmare of an adolescent, but I always had an interest in art which morphed into photography. Writing was with me from the beginning and thankfully, had never abandoned me. But I knew they were “real things” from the start. I’ll bet you knew the real stuff when you found it too. Destiny has a real “feel.” ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. This started out with (teenager) humor but developed into a serious (adult) life phases, Lisa. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your examples, too. The stitchery with the girl with flowing hair and flowers at her feet made me smile, so pretty!


    • Thanks- I made that embroidered girl when I was in my teens- I can remember my great aunt helping me with some of the more difficult stitches. It hangs in my den now. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Yes, I definitely think that blogging is more than a passing phase Lisa. Somehow I think we all get addicted. Great post in response to the word theme.


  6. I have a few different blogs. One for the more serious side of me, one for just stream of consciousness, one for stories of my growing up and is written in the great American Humorist Jean Shepherd vain, and one that is just dedicated to photography. Growing up I had a darkroom in the basement. I wonder how many Milenials know what that is?


  7. I also see the world through my camera lens since I started blogging. It’s amazing how I notice details which might have been missed before. After seven years as a blogger, I consider myself well and truly entrenched. I really missed my week away. ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful needlework!


  8. You are hooked, lady! I’ve been blogging since 2000. Resistance is futile! I remember when you got your new camera, you have learned to use it so well. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


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