Sunset Landing

Driving West past New York’s Kennedy Airport the other night, the sunset was just beautiful.  As my husband drove,I couldn’t resist trying to capture the  beauty though the fences, street lights and wires kept getting in the way. The cloud cover above the sunset added to its beauty.

DSCN5535I have done nothing to alter the color in this photo- the sky was really this intense. DSCN5545

As luck would have it, a plane came into my view finder as it approached the airport, and I was able to catch it.  I did not have to zoom in- the plane was very close. Airports are no longer built as LaGuardia and Kennedy were- so close in proximity to major highways. The planes fly very low over major thoroughfares – especially on the Grand Central Parkway, where the landing gear sometimes feels like it will hit the roof your car!DSCN5537

12 thoughts on “Sunset Landing

  1. Really great photos! If you have ever flown in Lindbergh Field (San Diego), from the air, you can catch amazing views of San Diego, Coronado Bridge, downtown and the embarcadero, since the planes fly so low over all that area. From the ground, catching an airplane flying over the harbor at sunset would make a nice shot. Hmmm, next time I’m there…


  2. GREAT photograph!

    Do you remember when Kennedy was the Idlewild swamp? Then Idlewild Airport? Then, when JFK was assassinated, it became Kennedy airport, the same year that Cape Canaveral became Cape Kennedy.

    I also remember when they were still building the Northern State spur of the Grand Central … and the entire LIE. So much change and yet it’s still one gigantic traffic jam from the Bronx to central NJ. Some things never change. Oh, and I remember when they build the Verranzano and Outerbridge Crossing, too. At least they kept the Staten Island Ferry running.

    I actually miss New York. After all these years, I still do. Until I hit that traffic 🙂


    • Oh we sat in that traffic the other night once we hit the Van Wyck- where they are still doing construction- it’s been 25 years and whatever they’re doing they still aren’t done!! I don’t remember Kennedy airport before it was Kennedy-so many changes you’ve seen Marilyn. They renamed the Triboro Bridge the Robert F Kennedy Bridge- which I just can’t call it- it will forever be the Triboro for me. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker I think- it’s just forever in the blood my friend 🙂


  3. Beautiful sunset! I may be flying into one of these airports soon. It would be neat to see the planes flying that close to the cars – a little scary too. I would not like to be the one in the car.


  4. Great photos! The lamp posts seem to be dancing with their arms held high. The jet is an RJ, or regional jet. Possibly a newer build as the engines are a newer, less noisy design. Sorry, I love passenger aircraft!


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