15 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Those are some of the best pictures of a Carolina Wren I’ve ever seen. They are the loudest singers in the garden bird world. They are in the woods right now and they are actually loud enough to wake me up early in the morning. Amazing pictures because those guys are so active, I’ve never gotten a clear shot of one.


      • They chase during the nesting season. In southern Arizona we had feeder out. The birds were fighti g over the feeders one day I heard a hwak called give the binoculars and checked the sky for it. To my surprise there was mocking bird as all the other birds had scattered. He was looking very pleased himself as he had all the feeders to himself.
        Great tailed grackles will chase a cat. They nest in nurse trees. We park the rig near for the window. Kato chased the Grackles all winter. Nesting time the gracles Chase him. One even followed into the motor home.


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