Taking The High Road

The school year is coming to an end, with a mere 24 days left. Looking back I have been reviewing the things I have learned this year, about myself and about others. There have been times when my interaction with fellow teachers has proven challenging- making me reassess who I am, and who I become when I interact with them. The head teacher I assist who is 16 years my junior, came right out and told me “they bring out the worst in you.” She was so right. It is easy to get caught up in allowing the negative behavior of others and their lack of integrity, to cloud my judgment and bring out the worst in me. I am a rule follower, and as I continued to follow the rules while others scoffed and broke them, I became too focused on how unjust it seemed, how unfair that they were “getting away with it.” My resentment was growing and gnawing away at my insides. My husband said I needed to let it go, if they choose to act without integrity, to take the low road by lying, complaining, and attempting to elevate themselves by pointing out the faults in others, I should not lower myself to their level by allowing that resentment to eat me up alive. Many times I use the phrase “be your best self” and now I needed to listen to my own advice, and take my own advice. Stop worrying about what they were “getting away with”- but instead focus on being the best person I could be, not allowing their ugly behavior to turn me into an ugly person, dragging me down, complaining and spewing my resentment to anyone who would listen.

I already feel better changing my “focus” -minding my own business and not letting the choices others make have an impact on who I am. Focus once again on being my best self.


22 thoughts on “Taking The High Road

  1. Kudos to you for taking the high road, Lisa. Negative, complaining, lying, finger-pointers are not worth your time or energy. What really concerns me is that these people are teachers ~ supposedly they’re the role-models.


  2. I think we’ve all been there. It’s hard. It makes working unpleasant and difficult. It’s hard to take the high road when there are so many people crawling along the low one. You keep up being you. Good for you!!


  3. I can’t believe it’s almost summer, it doesn’t feel like it at all. The nights are so cold, I have the heater on, just to break the chill in my bedroom. Only 24 more days and the kids will occupy my workroom-again- I better start to find work for them.

    They do bring out the worse in us don’t they? I just finished a big project where I had to work with others on a daily base. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back in my workroom. I can’t put up with the CB (Corporate Bullshit) for too long these days.

    Great post and great attitude.


  4. Sometimes easier said than done, but so worth it. Life is too short to allow the unfairness of it all to get to us. Let’s lead by example, be the best us we can be and live the best life we can.


  5. It sounds like it’s been a tougher year than usual for you. Dealing with different personality types is hard enough without adding the extra burden of behaviour that goes against your values.
    I could write pages on this stuff! … lucky for you, I’m resisting the urge 😉

    Hopefully these last few weeks of the school year go smoothly as you embrace your inner *zen*. Best wishes 🙂


    • This is the first year I am working a full day- the past 2 years were just afternoons. There is a lot more interaction with people working the whole day I have found. I am going to attempt to embrace my inner zen- thanks for putting it like that- you are right. Even today I made a bee line in the opposite direction when I saw one of the serial complainers coming towards me !!


  6. It’s a hard thing to do but you can do it with determination and focus. I always tell myself that in the end those types of people will be found out. It doesn’t take long for most others to figure out patterns and lies. Whereas (and this is what I tell myself also) if I be true to who I am, my reputation will save me.

    Its happened to me at least once when a woman who was an habitual liar who seemed to get away with that type of behavior denied a mistake she made and tried to blame me. My bosses who know I own my mistakes and typically do not lie only asked me once if I did it. I said no and she was demoted.

    To me, my reputation, is everything.


  7. Good post, Lisa. I have found that working from home these past 2 months has removed me from all the office politics that bring out the worst in me. Hard to remove yourself from it but so worthwhile when you do.


  8. that was such a right decision! I try to be my best self… but it is very hard sometimes …. and I sometimes have the feeling that some people never deserve the best of me… and I try to ignore or to avoid them while focussing on other things what bring joy to me… well, I try it… but this is a challenge sometimes too…
    btw: can’t believe that in 24 days the big summer break starts… we still wear longsleeved shirts and there is no sign of summer…


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