Sunday Surprise

I heard a noise and looked overhead to find an eye looking back at me.DSCN5337


I guess he wanted to take a better look and changed position…I took it as a friendly gesture on his partfaceforward

until I realized through my viewfinder there was another eye above his earDSCN5344

Who wanted to say good morning too!DSCN5350 (2)

It’s good to have a friend to hang out with.DSCN5349

but I guess they decided to go back to sleep and said good bye! Hope you have a Sunday of happy surprises too!

26 thoughts on “Sunday Surprise

  1. I LOVED this and it helped me be not so dang mad at all the squirrels who raid my bird feeders and come onto my deck for the food I put out daily for my crows!! I guess squirrels are people too, eh? Now if I could just get James to put away the BB gun! (He doesn’t shoot them, just likes to scare them off!) Thanks.


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