Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Music

My father instilled in me my love for music. I learned to play piano and guitar when I was a teenager, and loved to sing. guitar

Music has the ability to transport us back to the place we were when we first heard a certain song, remind us of a person, settle its melody inside our head and into our soul.

I went with my husband to one of his violin lessons and enjoyed seeing how his teacher explained how he should feel the music, let himself go as he plays.20150715_190821


Here is my father singing, a recording from 1953 that I was able to convert to CD and then mp3. When I think of music, I think of him.


17 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Music

  1. Wow, your father had a beautiful voice ~ I’m thinking Perry Como now. My mom had a great singing voice too, and that’s such a big part of my memories of her. She was always singing and I loved it!


  2. Remarkable video. Your’re musical heritage is undeniable. My dad was a “bar room pianist” in his early days, not quite the caliper of Billy Joel, but later developing a love for the instrument and side jobbing as a piano tuner/technician.
    Nice post! M 🙂


    • Thank you- I am so glad to still be able to hear his voice. How wonderful to have a father that played piano- I am always amazed when our piano technician comes- what a great ability to have


  3. yes, that’s so true… sometimes even a song we hear from a store or via open car window can bring back a lot of memories… and different feelings… I wonder that even the bad or sad things come back with a song although we try so much to forget it… :o)


  4. Your father was obviously a huge musical influence in your life – what a wonderful voice. Love the recording you made and I love this post. I share many of your loves. Music, playing classical guitar and singing … I grew up with that as well. Keep enjoying that music! xo 🙂


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