My great grandparents and their children, my grandmother the girl on the left

My Grandmother and Grandfather and four of their six children, my mother the tallest in the photo

My parents                                                                              Me (on the right) and my siblings

Generations. We look back at the photos, how the generations grew, my grandmother had one sister, but she went on to have six children, only 2 daughters having children, 4 each. The generations growing a little more. Sometimes from generation to generation the tides shift, family rifts occur, siblings become estranged, cousins grow up not knowing one another at all. Lost generations.

Then there are the family members like my Aunt, 18 years my senior who I am thankful to have in my life. We have always been close, though generations apart, we never felt a “generation gap.” We have both had falling outs with our siblings, and have come to accept that life goes on and in many ways for the better. We are cut from the same cloth, bound by generational blood, and in this case fortunate to be.

26 thoughts on “Generation

  1. That brick house is identical to the house I owned on Long Island, except that instead of a front picture window we had a double window. Otherwise, identical, down to the front stoop.


  2. Thanks for sharing your photos with me… I love it to watch photos… :o) we had such a generations thing too… the daughter of my cousin asked her mom about a person in a photo and said: who is the man next to the older lady”… and the older lady was me… uuuuh… kids ….hahahaha


  3. My Mom loves her sister who was only 5 years younger but absolutely adored her aunt who was only 16 years senior. I had the pleasure to know her and visited her when she was in her 50’s while I was 16. Mom was 42. She travelled to see my wedding and I had her stand in our reception line. Massachusetts was pretty far away, but we wrote back and forth.I have several special letters saved from her. ❤
    Later, I visited her while she was in her late 80's! 🙂
    Lisa, I imagine the stories and moments you have had with your Aunt. I love the photo of your aunt and you!


  4. oh Lisa, i just love your family photos, beautiful people! if i had them i’d share mine too. God bless you and your family. ❤️


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