Feathers on Friday

I stood watching the bird feeders at the local park when a bird came into my line of view that at first quick glance looked like a Woodpecker. Its back was black with spots of white. I then realized the body was not that of a Woodpecker, and it was not hanging on the side of the trunk of the tree as a Woodpecker would, but had lighted on a branch. It turned and there was a flash of red on the breast. I had never seen this bird before, but remembered seeing photos of it- it was a Rose breasted Grosbeak. I was so excited to be seeing this bird for the first time I only hoped he would stay put long enough for me to get my camera focused. He was very cooperative as he stayed on the branch and then flew into the feeder to have a bite to eat! He’s a beauty and I am thrilled to be able to add him to my my “sightings” of the birds I have seen.DSCN5067

RoseBreasted Grosbeak



Feathers on Friday

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