When the Light Is Just Right

A female Red Winged Blackbird was hanging out among the reeds as I walked by, choosing not to fly off with my approach. It was late afternoon, the sun in the Western sky. I took the opportunity to take a few photos seeing as she was sitting there posing so nicely. Shooting into the sun often does not work, it wreaks havoc on what I am trying to focus on, or washes out the subject. In this case I loved the bokeh effect (the blur) and how the light played off my subject. None of these photos were “retouched” or adjusted at all, I liked their “dreamy” quality.DSCN5044



27 thoughts on “When the Light Is Just Right

  1. Beautiful. Growing up in the same town, who knew that such beautiful wildlife could survive and flourish among the polluted river yards away. Lucliky I rediscovered your spot decades later and on rare occasions get to visit.
    Do you own an audobon book? How do you figure out all of the species?


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