One Word Photo Challenge: Box

Back in the 1980’s my father discovered a wonderful music box store in New York City, Rita Ford Music Boxes. The store had opened in the late 1940’s and carried an amazing collection of music boxes. My father’s love of music carried over to these wonderfully made music boxes that played so many different songs, and could be custom made to do so. The boxes themselves were works of art too.

The musical “Cats” came to Broadway in 1982, and my father took me to see it. The song Memory became a hit from the show, the lyrics poignant, the melody so beautiful. As a gift my father gave me a music box from Rita Ford’s store, that played the song Memory. I cherish it to this day.017 (2)


23 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Box

  1. What a beautiful music box, so thoughtful of your father, too. I liked the musical, “Cats,” and now, you have the special song which transforms me back into time. Happy memories to you, Lisa. โค


  2. Beautiful!! When i was very little, my mom somehow found a music box with my probably first ever favorite song, the theme from Moulin Rouge. I was beside myself with joy that she got me such a precious gift. Over all the years, all the losses and all the miles, I still have it and it still plays. ๐Ÿ™‚


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