Daily Prompt: Solitude

I like being alone. I don’t mind being in my own company, and sometimes even prefer it to being with others. I always seem to have something to do, there is always something in the house that needs attending to, unfinished projects, maybe laundry. My favorite kind of solitude is walking early in the morning before the world has awoken and revved their engines. I love the stillness and quiet. No matter the season, but spring and summer hold the sounds of the birds which is music to my ears. It is good to be good company to yourself, I believe it allows you to grow, allows you the time to think, to dig a little deeper inside. It’s good for the soul.feet


31 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Solitude

  1. Coming home from a day at my warehouse job, I was pondering which direction to go? Home to solitude and refreshing moments along or to visit my oldest daughter and bask in the fun with two growing grandsons. I chose on Friday the more hectic turn in the road, Lisa. I did feel so much better and loved going into togetherness instead of aloneness. Funny, but I guess this is how I live!
    I loved the robin in solitude especially but when I was browsing and catching up I also enjoyed your black and white photos, too. Thanks for sharing your views, Lisa. 🙂


  2. Sadly, solitude is in short supply for too many people nowadays. I love having time to myself but as I get older, but I’ve actually become more social. Maybe that’s because I’m retired and don’t have the work stress any more. Whatever ~ I love it!


  3. you’re absolutely right! I don’t mind being in my own company either. Science says that it’s good to get time on your own, to reflect about things. It’s good for the mind.


  4. I feel the same exact way. I love early morning walks before everyone stares moving and j enjoy a quiet space where I can read, write or hear myself think…:)


  5. Garry and I have gotten good at being alone together. I think it’s one of the great things about being “an old married couple.” You can do your own stuff, but have company too 🙂


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