Daily Prompt: Crossroads

Crossroads: Sometimes remembering where we come from can help us in where we are going.

I attended the Bar Mitzvah of my niece’s son (my brother in laws grandson) not too long ago. It was a beautiful day spent with three generations of family. We numbered 16 adults and 18 children, ages ranging from 75 down to 3.

My brother in law in his speech to the assembled, told a beautiful story which I would like to share with you.

There was a man who was on the road going from the town of Minsk to the town of Pinsk in Russia. He traveled along the road and then came to a crossroad. The sign that pointed in the four directions leading to the towns had fallen and was laying on the ground. He was at a loss as to what to do. How would he find the way to go? A farmer working nearby came over to see if he could be of help. The man explained his plight, at not knowing which direction to proceed in. The farmer told him to pick up the pole and hold it so that the arrow with the name of the town he had come from pointed in the direction from which he had come. Then the arrow pointing where he needed to go would be facing in the correct direction to proceed.

My brother in law continued by saying, the lesson we can learn from this, is that in order to know where we need to go, we first need to know where we come from. We need to look back, to learn from previous generations, to remember the things we have been taught. What we take and learn from the past can serve us well into our futures. The people we choose as friends, the connections we make with family, the opportunity to learn and grow from those who are older, who may have wisdom to offer from experience. Remember where you came from, it will serve you well for where you are going.


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