There’s No Place Like Home

As I was crossing a footbridge DSCN4587in a local nature preserve, a bird flew past me just above my head. I looked to the right, in the direction it flew, and then continued to walk, glancing left as I went, my eye catching sight of a bunch of twigs sticking out from under the railing. I looked inside the railing and look at what was there….DSCN4582A Robin’s nest!

 I couldn’t believe the size of the nest and how much work must have gone into building itDSCN4585I could hear the momma bird squawking so I moved on ahead to allow her to come back and get back to the business of sitting on those eggs. She returned and my zoom lens was able to catch sight of her back where she belonged. DSCN4603

51 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

      • I did not know that – thanks! but now that you mention it – the last few times we found birds there were four squished inside – do you know the stats on how many make it? Is it 1 of 4?


      • I don’t know how many do make it- I went to see the momma on her nest today and found that 2 of her eggs were smashed on the ground beside the nest 😦 Perhaps another bird flew in when she was off the nest, I don’t know- but there is still 1 there

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      • all of ours were likely stolen because no shells anywhere – and no babes. It was in the front tree, which is not the best – and I do recall some bantering with birds out there- but who really knows and I do not always pay attention.
        and sorry yours are all gone… someone (some-birdy) ate some nice amino acids….


      • Well there is another nest with live birds right outside an upstairs window – lower part of the gutter – I am letting them stay of course – but if I saw the parents setting it up I might have shooed them away- anyhow – it is so fun to have them there right now! Yesterday I opened the blinds all true way and accidentally scared one of the parents as they were coming back – scared us both!


      • yes – spring has spring (?)
        and now I am trying to catch a photo of one of the birds coming and going, but cannot get the shot – oh well (and they do wake me – but it is fine… ha)


      • OH I hope I can get the photo – right now it is avery dirty window (if you know what I mean)
        and does the nest in the AC freak you out?? It would bother me –


      • do I know what you mean about the windows- you can barely see out of mine- on my to do list!! The nest isn’t in it- they build one in the tiny space between the sill and the bottom of the air conditioner, they do it every spring for the last 20 years 🙂

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      • wow – that is a safe place for them – and how nice of you to not mind. I am getting more open to the idea of where ours are located – I just do not want to damage the house – lol –
        but birds are truly a wonderful thing…
        have a great day and enjoy your live tweets


  1. I am silly excited when I find a nest with eggs in it 🙂
    We’ve had a few birds around our house who’ve built nests in really odd places – just like this one. It’s funny they don’t perceive the risks being so close to the ground.


  2. Gorgeous!! The color of the robin’s eggs are so beautiful next to the twigs and bits of yellow.
    Based on your beautiful photos taken on your walks, not only are you a terrific photographer, but you must be in great shape! 🙂


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