Daily Prompt: Fog


Do foggy days make us mentally more foggy too?

Does not being able to see where we are going force us to concentrate more or do we just let it envelope us, giving in to it?

Driving through fog makes us unaware of our surroundings, we keep moving forward but are unsure exactly where we are.


Is there someone up ahead?

Or am I alone moving forward?

It seems the same when we are foggy in our thoughts- when we haven’t had enough sleep and can’t focus- the thoughts in our mind are not clear, they are lost amid the haze, swirling.

We feel lost and alone in our thoughts- unable to connect them together. Unable to make sense of what we are thinking.



 What a relief to see sun break through and the fog dissipate- we are able to rejoin the world and see things clearly once again.

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fog

  1. NO…..! I hate the fog…it makes everything so cold, and it is such a relief when it lifts, especially when I’m teaching…the students are cranky (an Aussie word I think) in cold weather.


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