Lunchroom Messages

Everyday I eat lunch with a group of other Teacher’s Assistants. I wrote about them here. We meet in a room that is used by the Resource Room teachers.Β 20160419_080537There is a bulletin board in the room that has remained empty all year, save for a border and background paper. I decided it was time to perk it up a bit and printed out some of my favorite “inspirational” quotes and hung them up. When we all convened for lunch a few of the girls commented on how they liked the quotes on the board, and wondered who took the time to do it. I didn’t say anything and I suppose my silence implicated me. They all chimed in at how it brought life to the room and added food for thought. Someone walked in a few minutes later and stopped to read the board, commenting on which quote resonated with her. She also said how she felt it perked her up and wondered who did this. Everyone started laughing and pointed to me. Throughout the week people came in to the use the copy machine located in the room, stopping and reading, some commenting, others just smiling. An empty board turned into a place to pause for a positive thought.

22 thoughts on “Lunchroom Messages

  1. Your showing you cared transformed more than an empty bulletin board, Lisa. The ripples and effects will continue outward from here. I liked the Maya Angelou quote the best! πŸ™‚


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