The Weekly Smile

Rarely does a week go by in my first grade classroom without something that makes me smile.

I have been working with one child who is having real difficulty with math, he has still not mastered addition and subtraction. We work together almost everyday, and I only hope he eventually will really “get ” it.  I also realized this week he is one of the youngest in class, while most have turned 7, he just made the cut off and won’t turn 7 until September. He does seem younger than many of the other students in class, he runs out of gas faster, asks for snack before the others do. This may be part of the problem with math too, he is just not ready for it. One day this week I was preparing some materials to work with him, while he was standing there waiting for me at the teacher’s desk. The teacher’s chair is a large comfortable swivel chair with arms, next to the desk. He sat down in it, and I heard him saying “I hope this is ok” and then asked if it was ok. I said yes, the back of the chair was to me and out of the corner of my eye I could see he had started a slow and steady spin from side to side in the chair. I then heard him say, not really to me or anybody, just sort of to himself, in a dreamy kind of voice:

” I could do this all day”

I started to silently smile to myself. All I could think was I bet you could-it would be a lot more fun than trying to figure out that 9-6=3.  So I let him spin a minute more before we got down to the  business of math.weeklysmile1

25 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. Oh my gosh. You may have just solved his math problems. Ask him what 9-6 is and if he gets it right tell him he gets that many spins in the chair. You sound like a great teacher! 🙂 My son hated math. He was home schooled. We spent the first hour of every day crying because he didn’t want to do it. He cried until he was 10 every day. Then he looked at me one day and said ‘well that’s stupid, if I cry for an hour it still takes me an hour to do math and I waste two hours.’ Some kids just have a hard time with it. 🙂


    • I am awful at math- always was and still am, so I feel his pain when he just doesn’t get it. It’s just not for everyone!! I feel for your son- but glad he figured out he may as well get through it 🙂

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  2. Aw, you’re a good teacher. Poor kid. My older son was the youngest in his class (cut off Sept 1 and he has an August birthday). That can be rough to start but that boy will catch up. It is so good for him to have a caring teacher like you to help him through the rough starts. A+ for you, Lisa! 🙂


  3. He sounds like my 2nd son. In his case, it was simply subtraction that he just couldn’t grasp. He could add, he could multiply, but the concept of subtraction just didn’t register for a VERY long time. I worried for a long time that it never would.

    It did – eventually 🙂


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