Day 7: Seven Day Nature Challenge

My friend Marilyn at Serendipity, a wonderful photographer and blogger whom I have learned so much from, has invited me to participate in The Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. To take part in the challenge I’m supposed to post one photo (or more)per day for seven days. The subject can be anything from the natural world.

My favorite thing to photograph in nature is birds, but I can never resist a beautiful sunrise or sunset, wanting to hold the moment forever where I can look at it again and again.

The colors in this sunset were unlike anything I had ever seen before, and have never seen again. I was driving home from work and stopped at a local park in order to capture it004


This photo I took from a street a few blocks from my home. I was driving and saw how beautiful the sun looked and drove to a street at the top of a hill where I had the best vantage point. sunsetkeeper

Here the sky is still blue as the sun is slowly setting, not changing its color to any other hues. I took it from one of my favorite places around the pond in town, which lucky for me is still a little known place to most. 023


15 thoughts on “Day 7: Seven Day Nature Challenge

  1. Simply breathtaking, Lisa. You have sone great shots here. I captured a subset in the fall where all the colors ROY G BIV were included. I don’t think I posted it yet. Yours had such a clean and clear look with all the colors if the rainbow. Mine is in my Cloud and not as clean. Ha ha! ❤


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