Day Five: Seven Day Nature Challenge

Marilyn over at Serendipity, a wonderful photographer and blogger whom I have learned so much from, has invited me to participate in The Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. To take part in the challenge I’m supposed to post one photo (or more)per day for seven days. The subject can be anything from the natural world. Most of the bloggers I know have already participated, but if you’d like to jump in and join do so! Or you can let me know and I will link you into my next post.

As I walk along my favorite trails I often hear rustling in the leaves I pass. I will stop to see what made the sound and often am greeted by the sight of a Chipmunk. Sometimes they notice me and freeze in place, sometimes they take off at warp speed. Sometimes they are busy eating and couldn’t care less that I am snapping away with my camera. Such was the case with this little fella.117

One was good but three are better….116

There goes the last one, I think my cheeks can do it120

There we go121

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