Day Three: Seven Day Nature Challenge

Marilyn over at Serendipity, a wonderful photographer and blogger whom I have learned so much from, has invited me to participate in The Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. To take part in the challenge I’m supposed to post one photo (or more)per day for seven days. The subject can be anything from the natural world. Most of the bloggers I know have already participated, but if you’d like to jump in and join do so! Or you can let me know and I will link you into my next post.

I seem never to tire of watching ducks on the various ponds and creeks I frequent. I love how they travel together in groups, or swim along in pairs. They look like such gentle birds to me, unlike aggressive Geese or Swans. These are Mallard Ducks, very common in the area I live. The Males have a glossy green head, while the females have mainly brown-speckled plumage.006

158 (2)





Last swim of the day- with the setting sun at low tide025

21 thoughts on “Day Three: Seven Day Nature Challenge

  1. The shimmering water with golden sunset rays really touched me, Lisa. Such a beautiful collection of these ducks who seem to enjoy each other’s company. Smiles!


  2. Not only are they great duck pictures, but you’ve got a very nice selection of ducks. I’m never sure which ones are a different species and which are just the lady ducks with different coloration. Love the one of the two duck with tail feathers “up” 🙂

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  3. Love these ducks. Amazing photos. My very first pet was a duck, just like your female here. I won her in an Easter drawing…not at a 4-H club meeting, but a movie theater matinee in San Diego. Nine years old and I’m trying to carry home my “prize” in my pocket, while managing my baby sister on the long walk. My parents were sure surprised!

    The first story I ever wrote was about her.

    Thanks for the great memories!


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