Gracie the Hawk

As I walked through a local nature preserve I could hear the Blue Jays overhead squawking and circling in the air. A signal that a Hawk was nearby and they were attempting to get her out of their territory. Funny to think a bird so much smaller could wield such bravado, but they do. I spotted the Hawk and followed her as she flew through the air, coming to land on some bushes only 10 feet from where I was standing1

She jumped from bush to bush, not quite settling down with all the noise from the Jays




Until she finally flew off for good097


When I returned home I spoke with the man that oversees the preserve who told me he calls  the Hawk Gracie- she lives in the preserve and has become used to the people that walk the trails and is not bothered by their presence. I was in awe to have been able to stand so close to such a beautiful bird. I hope to see her again on my next visit.4

26 thoughts on “Gracie the Hawk

  1. Beautiful take-off and landing shots, Lisa. My younger son is a birder and loves to listen for the small birds chasing off the predators. Go, little guys!


    • I am still working on capturing birds in flight, they are so quick! She was flitting from branch to branch so I just kept pushing the shutter! I learned from a bird watching group about the smaller birds ganging up on the bigger- so fascinating!


  2. That’s a beautiful hawk. I saw a sparrow hawk in the backyard the other day. The small birds started a cacophony and I thought it might be a cat, but when I looked out the window it was a sparrow hawk trying to catch some food.
    I didn’t take any photos, because I’d rather explain and show to my son what was going on. Besides, if you go for the camera, then the scene is over by the time you’ll get back anyway.


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