Thursday’s Special: Forbidding

This sky was so forbidding as I drove down the highway on the way to visit a dying friend last summer. I arrived at her home just before the skies opened and poured buckets of water down along with crashing thunder and lightning. The weather fit my mood, the unwelcome, grim, forbidding thought of losing a friend so dear.001


Thursday’s Specialthursdayspecial



21 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Forbidding

  1. The photo suited the depth of your sadness last summer and undoubtedly, many times since. Those clouds were reflecting the mood of the unfortunate situation. Sorry about the loss of your dear friend.
    Was she the girl who liked to put makeup and sparkly lip gloss on you, Lisa?


    • Thanks Paula- I have learned to snap the photo without taking my eyes off the road- in this case because it was sky and not a small object I had leeway! There are times when I still find it hard to believe my friend is not here, some things are just so hard to accept.

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