The Weekly Smile

Trent over at Trent’s World asks every week: What made you smile this week? 

I had an enlightening conversation with one of my first grade students that not only made me smile, but made me laugh so hard I cried. Everything in life is perspective, one person seeing something one way, another seeing it from a totally different angle. Age can play a part, as it did in this case.

One of my first grade students was telling me about a long car ride he went on with his family this past week. He told me the ride was “forever” and he got car sick. I asked him if he actually threw up, (you know first grade boys are all about the gory details) to which he replied no, but then without missing a beat went on to tell me he did throw up last year, on his desk. (Thanks for sharing) He then asked me

“You know what the best part of throwing up is??????”

A thought I will admit NEVER entered my mind, and I have never thought of as something having a “best part”

The answer: “You get to go home from school!!!!!”

Life from the perspective of a first grader, you just can’t beat it.


29 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. I got to meet a blogging buddy of mine and her husband today. Lots of smiling and even laughter! I used to teach high school. Not much to smile about there. But young kids are always smile-worthy!


  2. I’m with this first grader, they send you home immediately after turning into a geyser :o) I always begrudged classmates who got a free day that way… I was such a silly kid LOL


  3. Children do have their own special view of the world. I am not sure most kids would want to leave school due to throwing up. This made me a bit sad, Lisa. Not meant to bust any bubbles or smiles!


      • Oh, then you brighten his day by being there for him, listening to his thoughts. I appreciate when there is someone who cares and held the struggling students. Although there are a lot of good teachers out there, the great ones are rare. You sound amazing! 🙂


  4. Kids can be so funny. Maybe I should use that to stay home from work. Nah, it’s not worth it. Thanks for joining in on the weekly smile – it isn’t too late to put this on the link up 😉


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