Lift the Edges

Daily Prompt: Edge

I made an omelette this morning.  I mixed the eggs together and poured them into the cast iron skillet. As the edges began to cook I lifted one side of the pan, tilting it, so the runny center could find its way to the edge. It was then my father came to mind. He had taught me to do this so many, many years ago. Maybe I was ten. He had shown me that making it this way the omelette would cook evenly. Keep lifting those edges and let the runny center go there so it too would cook. Thinking of this brought a smile to my face, the memory of it feeling like a warm hug.

My father liked to putter in the kitchen- he did not cook real meals, but made a fabulous fried egg sandwich, excellent deviled eggs (it was the paprika on top that made the difference) and an amazing pecan pie. He enjoyed good food, and always encouraged me to try everything.

I finished cooking my omelette, sat down with a cup of coffee and remembered him some more. 



25 thoughts on “Lift the Edges

  1. Looks a bit like one of my eggs. I treat it’s creation like a science, carefully considering each ingredient, process, timing, – and I always clean up everyting before the final 18 second final heating in the micro-wave (exceuse me for swearing, as most people deplore Mincrowaves!.) Not me, the cheese and other things just come to their rightful temperature and state, and there’s no mess to clean up afterward. Marty


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