17 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Physical Phenomenon

  1. Beautiful! Around here, it didn’t get cold and stay cold long enough for ice to form on any of our rivers or ponds. How strange is that? So no kids playing hockey on thin ice this year. I guess that would be a definite “up side” to a warm winter 🙂


  2. Hello my dear. I am very curious to know what capture you are most pleased with. I know which one does it for me, but I want to hear you :D. Ice is a classic, isn’t it. We can always rely on it for making beautiful landscapes.


    • I wish the “patterned ice” was not so blurry, because I think it is most interesting. I like the close up of the huge chunks- but I think because I was amazed by it in “real life” seeing those huge pieces of ice. But then the ice floating along the river speaks to me too. Which do you like?


  3. it is like magic what water can do when it turns into ice…. and how mighty this ice can be… it can destroy a whole ship… I hope for an ice free Easter so none of us has to walk on that icy ground…. we aren’t made to be stars on ice :o)


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