One misstep and I found myself laying on the floor, seeing stars, clutching my left elbow with my right hand and feeling what had once been bone was now reduced to crumbles like sand. One misstep, tripping over someone’s foot I had not seen, led to a year’s worth of physical therapy, two surgeries, and a time in my life I would like to forget, and was glad to move on from. Thankful I could move on from it.

Lesson learned: always watch where you’re going so as not to misstep!



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Daily Prompt: Misstep

22 thoughts on “Misstep

  1. Garry only looks forward, never down. I, on the other hand, tend to look down rather than forward. It’s a tossup which one of us trips over or bumps into more stuff. And there are always dogs somewhere around our legs.

    I’m glad you recovered well. A broken elbow is no small thing. And that’s a lot of breakage for a misstep.


    • I went “airborne” so when I landed the elbow took the hit with force. I am always tempted to look up at the sky and the birds when outside, but really keep my eyes on the ground for cracked sidewalks and the the like. Dogs are a definite hazard- I can remember just turning around not realizing my Max was standing behind me and falling over him!


    • my arm wouldn’t extend after the cast came off, so that contraption was sort of like “the rack” of the old days- it was used to stretch my arm by using a dial that extended the contraption- I had to leave it on for 30 minutes a day-not a picnic, but it did help


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