25 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Urban Art

  1. Gosh, I thought I wrote a comment this am before work, Lisa. Sorry, must not have pushed Post!
    I like industrial art and beautiful graffiti. The label of Urban Art is a great one. Nice photos! Happy almost weekend, Lisa. 🙂


  2. I love urban art. For some reason, everytime I see any I have to stop and take a photo. I think these people are true artists and wish they’d be recognized as such, but I imagine there is a stigma against anyone who defaces a public structure even if they make it more beautiful or interesting. Anyway, I’d like to join in and will post an image a bit later on my own blog! Your samples are beautiful!


    • It wasn’t a “real” casino from what I have read- it had boardwalk type games and was attached to a larger building that may have housed a real casino- the area fell into disrepair years ago, and businesses closed down. It is now making a comeback


  3. They find their inspiration in sea creatures. How wonderful! This is some serious street art, and an added value for now empty urban space. Thank you, DM, for this entry 🙂


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