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Connection brings to mind the  people in my life. Those who I am most connected to- my husband, my best friend of 43 years, members of my extended family. Our connections run deep, and have been forged through our experiences together.

We are connected through words and through touch. We are connected through the places we have been, the laughter we have shared, the tears we have cried. Through the days turning into years, through the gains and the losses. It is a comfort to be connected, to know we have one another, that we are never alone.3000000600000019700b




18 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Great photos, Lisa. True connections take time and a bit of adversity to weather together. I’m glad you have the most important ones in your life.


    • Thanks Sylvia- as I was gathering the photos it struck me about the sad events I have shared with my “connections” but we never take photos at those times, it somehow seems an invasion, or disrespectful. To catch raw emotion like that I think may not always be a bad thing, though. The fact is there is sadness in life along with the joy, it is just part of life.

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    • so true. I always felt bad when people told me they traveled alone- it is so wonderful to share that experience with someone to ohhh and ahhh at the sights and have someone there to enjoy it with


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