21 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Rural Photography

  1. I like black and white photographs of people but usually like color ones of nature. These farms look old-fashioned and appropriate in black and white, though. Nicely taken, Lisa! 🙂


    • I agree about the American farms- these photos were taken in Allamuchy NJ Western part of NJ a few exits from Pennsylvania. I have photos from the Catskills that could be exchangeable!


  2. How far is this from your home? You are right, black and white really suits them. I admire the composition in the first shot, but my eyes keep coming to your second photo and I still don’t know why. Very nice gallery 🙂 and very atmospheric too with winter still lingering.


    • One hour West from where I live. My best friend chose to leave the suburbs and move to the “country” though it gives her an hour commute to work. It is beautiful in all seasons. The second photo was taken on a very cloudy gray winter day. The first was a bright blue sky also in winter.


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