Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo. How closely do the images and your mood align? Every photo we take says something about our emotions at the moment of taking it. So this week, share an image where you see a particularly strong connection between what we see and what you felt as you pressed that shutter button on your camera or phone.

I stayed overnight at the NJ shore this past summer, and one of the things I enjoy more than anything is sitting on the beach to watch the sunrise. It fills me with a sense of calm and of peace. Watching the ocean waves hit the beach, lapping at the shore then receding back into the sea as the sun breaks on the horizon and sheds light across the water always fills me with awe. Fills me with thankfulness to be able to see another day, watch another sunrise. Fills me with hope.



And then the sky changes color, the stillness breaks, and it is time to acknowledge the day ahead009

 State of Mind

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

  1. This is cool how you had me thinking of Billy Joel and his New York State of Mind, song. The water and rhythm relaxes me and the sight of light glistening on waves really was beautiful on the New Jersey shores. 🙂


  2. I sometimes like it to be alone with my thoughts… and to sit on the beach and to watch the sunrise has something from a “new beginning”& leaving all sorrows of yesterday behind… I sometimes think this new day is just made for me :o)


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