38 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Sepia

  1. You do sepia very well. I don’t know what the building in the before last shot is, but it is a terrific image. (I will see the post with your father and you later on when I am able to access you tube).


  2. Nobody does a boardwalk like Jersey. Several years ago, the ‘boardwalk’ on the Gulf was completed here. We went and I said, “Seriously? This is a boardwalk?” So judgmental!! πŸ˜€


      • My brother finished a mural project and came by on Friday evening. We had dinner together and we went out to a club afterwards. The band played so many great songs!
        Saturday, although the high was only 42 degrees was so nice and warm in the sun. My son and daughter brought their 6 children to the park so we could gather and have an informal birthday party for my 7 year old grandson. My DIL stayed home with baby doing college online course homework. I cannot wait for an even warmer day tomorrow. πŸ™‚


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