Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

I grew up vacationing with my Grandparents every summer at their home in Southampton, New York.

My grandparents and siblings
My grandparents and siblings
LisaMarinaSouthampton (24)
My cousin and me

My grandfather had purchased a house there in the 1950’s, long before it became the mecca it is today for the rich and famous. The house my grandfather owned was situated on a beautiful plot of land with water surrounding it. We grew up collecting shells off the beach, swimming in the poolpool1963

Grandma, Lisa, Suzy, Aug. 1963 or spending the day at the ocean running down the dunes with my father.daddydunes1966 (2) Days spent fishing on my grandfather’s boat,

Fishing with my sister
Fishing with my sister

where I caught a Bluefish-much to the amazement of my Uncles and Grandfather. I wrote about it herebluefish

The house was sold after my grandfather died and the new owners tore it down. An enormous house went up on the property. A few years ago I was in the area and stopped by the new house. The owners were very welcoming and gave me a tour and allowed me to walk around the property and take pictures. The new house bore no resemblance to my Grandfather’s home, it was only when walking up the lawn that overlooks the bay that I felt any sense of nostalgia. I was happy to see the tree my Grandfather had planted when I was born was still standing. He had named it “the Lisa Tree”, and there it stood having outgrown me in its 58 years.Lisa Tree2

It was time spent with my grandparents, my grandmother who I shared a special relationship with, the summer evenings we would gather on the screened in porch listening to my parents and grandparents talking and laughing, while my siblings and I played games or read- there was no TV reception there in those days so we entertained ourselves.

My Grandmother feeding the ducks
My Grandfather feeding one of the swans that frequented his feeders

These traces of my past run deep within, when I think back I always get nostalgic for the world that was then, the child I was, the easiness of the summer days floating by. Happy for the memories of those summers and the smile they still bring to my face when thinking of them.


Traces of the Past

29 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

  1. Your summers at Southampton sound wonderful. Just think–you and the Barefoot Contessa could have been BFF’s if you still had the house. It must have been wild do seen all those huge homes–I truly drool over them–but the prices…!!!
    I, too, enjoyed this post a lot, Lisa.


    • Thanks Lois- we used to drive through the main part of Southampton where the mansions were and try to see beyond the giant hedges. It wasn’t until we were all adults that we realized that Southampton was such a wealthy, elitist place. My grandparents were simple people who happened to buy a summer house near the water to get out of Queens in the summers. 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you still have the photos and your memory about wonderful summers…. even when the house is no longer there and the place is occupied by other people this place is still yours…..


  3. I really enjoyed the pictures of your sweet siblings. ♡ They, plus you, were so cute! The way you described the vacations there along Southampton made me smile. The amazing beach, pool and freedom to explore were very special memories of your past. Having a close relationship with grandparents is so important, don’t you think?
    I enjoyed the “big fish” real story including the photograph of uou catch.
    It was nice to go back to see the area, too. The tree and natural parts the same, the house changed dramatically.
    Lisa, I went to my parents’ lake cottage, with my 3 children where they felt the same way. Knowing how collecting buckets of rocks or beach glass made my Mom, their Grammie, happy to add to her rock gardens. My Dad built a double decker deck with a trap door and the slats close enough they could sleep out under the stars on the top deck. Listening to Lake Erie waves lapping was always so rhythmic I could easily go to sleep. 🙂


  4. I would love to spend one more day on our farm, but I never went back after my Grandmother had died. You are a very brave woman.

    I loved all the pictures, what great childhood memories you have.


  5. Lovely post Lisa, your tree has grown so large. We both have similar memories of time as children on the water, priceless days. And that’s one big fish too, wow!


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