Bird Watching & Walking

On Sunday I went for a bird watching walk with the local chapter of the Audubon Society. The first sign that spring is soon coming was spotting some Red Winged Blackbirds who have returned to our area. 010

and Crocuses- a sure sign of Spring.030

This pair of Mourning doves turned to look at us as we passed by013

and this Robin said hello too027

We could hear the tapping and drumming of many Woodpeckers- claiming territories and attracting mates at this time of year we were told by our leader. Here’s a male Downy Woodpecker. 049


This Orieole’s nest was spotted high up in a tree hanging from a branch. Their nests are not set within a tree’s branches, but made like a sack, hanging from one. I found it amazing.057

This little Chickadee ate from a feeder set up within the Preserve we were walking in. 012

We walked for two hours listening to the sound of the birds calling and taking in the nature around us. 035


22 thoughts on “Bird Watching & Walking

  1. These were fantastic photographs of the returning birds. Of course, I should like the robin best, but those red winged blackbirds are wonderful, Lisa! 😀


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