The Weekly Smile

Trent asks: What made you smile this week?

This year I have started eating lunch everyday in school with a group of assistant teachers like myself. (I previously wrote about them here) They are a lively bunch, 30 years younger than I am. I enjoy being in their company and they seem to feel the same about me even though I am older than most of their mothers. This past week they invited me to join them for a “paint party”- where someone leads you through the process of creating a work of art on a canvas, step by step. It was my smile for the week, first that they invited me to join them, and next that we had such a good time together laughing and painting for close to three hours.




25 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

    • Oh boy am I!! Lunchtime is the highlight of my day now! the other group is still at it from what I hear. sad to be so bitter and unhappy that all you can do is complain and grouse.


  1. It’s wonderful when age / generation doesn’t matter, but only shared experiences and a common sense of fun and adventure πŸ™‚
    A guided art experience sounds like a lot of fun – especially for someone like me with no artistic instinct πŸ™‚


  2. It does look like a lot of fun. I used to take art classes (drawing painting and even one sculpture) and had a great time even though I didn’t know anybody in the classes. I’m sure it was a great time with the group that work together. A big smile there. I’m also sure it was a great feeling that they invited you.


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