Last Snow?

What a roller coaster of a ride this winter has been so far- mostly warm, then a blizzard that dumped 20 inches of snow which melted within a week because the temps rose into the 50’s a few days later. No complaints here, I am not a fan of the cold or the snow. Give me heat and humidity and my Fit Flops any day. Yesterday the day started in the single digits and rose to the 20’s and it snowed again, somewhat furiously in the late afternoon for a few hours. Today it is turning to rain and will wash it all away once again. The weather people say it may have been the last snowfall for the season- fingers crossed here! I put out food for the birds as the snow fell and many popped in for some sustenance until the warmth arrives once again.










29 thoughts on “Last Snow?

  1. It has a been a crazy winter. I really don’t remember one with the continued extremes both ways that seems to change on an almost daily basis. As least those photos give us a glimpse of spring..:)


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