17 thoughts on “February Monochrome

  1. I like the 2 takes, monochromatic green I prefer in the first couple, but in the second I like the b & w treatment as it seems to put the focus on the front 2 trees.


  2. The BW image is easier to view for my eyeballs, looks great! I see you put a fresh skin on your site? Looks good, clean and smooth.


      • You bet! I love web design and am familiar with CSS, HTML and PHP code. I am wondering at this point if the new theme I installed a few weeks back is a bit too busy. I usually stick with pure white. What are your thoughts?


      • I love the green you used in the header against the black and it looks gray on gray which works- I like the text on the gray background. What if you made a contrasting color against that gray rather than just a lighter gray? Or use the lighter gray which looks almost off white for the text and a different color behind it. It looks very polished to me- starightforward and I love how you organized all your links across the top-nice and easy and neat! Can you tell I am a bit type A anal retentive?? 😀

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      • You have what it takes for good web design. Thanks for the thumbs up!

        I’ll play with the colors, thank you for the idea. I used my own photos and iColorama on the iPad to build those custom headers, there are six or seven of them.


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