30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

  1. I remember you writing him about him k car before I think, unless you had another relative that lived very long…:) We should all be so blessed.


    • Yes I have written about him a few times- when I mentioned the topic of time to my husband we both had the same immediate reaction to use that photo. The blessing is that he lived that long in such good health- something I wish for us all!

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  2. oh I wish we all would live a good life for such a long time… I bet it was great to talk with your uncle about the time as he was a child… so much things what are common now weren’t not even invented as he was a little boy…


  3. It is comforting to see a person who had a good, long, and healthy life. He was blessed, but I think that old people don’t feel as if they had lived long enough; our perception of time changes drastically as we age. I noticed some years ago, and even in my thirties that time suddenly started moving rapidly and yet many of the activities (mostly work) in which I was engaged seemed to take for ever. It is our human tragedy – this time that we can’t persuade to be on our side.

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    • Yes I agree that time does speed up as we age. As children we long to be older and when we get there it goes too quickly. My Uncle was not ready to go even at that age- he had just taken a trip to Israel 2 months prior- he still felt he had life to love. H was so thankful to have had him in my life.

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